Key features

The Hollard Home Warranty covers you for faulty or defective:

  • Roof design, structure or workmanship.
  • Wall design, structure or workmanship.
  • Foundation design, structure or workmanship.
  • Tiling, decking or paving.
  • It also covers faulty electrical, drainage, plumbing, sewerage, gas, water, irrigation and water waste management systems.
  • You’re covered against loss or damage caused by rising damp, or by wood rot, borer beetle, fungus, termites or rust, provided you’ve used our approved suppliers to get the relevant certificates.
  • We’ll help you find reputable repairers. If our recommended builders, plumbers and electricians do the repairs, we won’t charge you for re-inspecting the property once the repairs are complete.

How it Works

One of the best things about the Hollard Home Warranty is that you don’t pay for your premium upfront: it’s deducted from the proceeds of the sale of the house.

A Home Warranty certificate will be issued confirming that we’ve agreed to provide a two-year warranty on your house from the date of transfer, subject to the premium being paid. This certificate will also indicate any excluded items.

The certificate is valid for six months from the date of inspection. If the house is not sold in that period, you can contact us for an extension. We may choose to do a re-inspection at that point, but we’ll let you know beforehand if that’s the case.